M. Zhunusov, Executive Director

Hereby the Association of the International Road Transport Operators of the Kyrgyz Republic (AIRTO KR) confirms that A Plus Insurance Company CJSC is a committed partner of the AIRTO KR in the field of provision of liability insurance services for several years by TIR Carnets to customs authorities according to the Customs Convention on the International Transport of Goods under Cover of TIR Carnets (TIR Convention, 1975). For the period of cooperation A Plus IC CJSC showed the high level of competence in the field of rendered services, and benevolent and individual attention. Based on the foregoing the AIRTO KR recommends cooperation with A Plus IC CJSC as with a good faith and conscientious partner in the sphere of rendering insurance services.


I.A. Aitnazarov, Head of the Procurement, Logistics and Real Estate Management Division of Sky Mobile LLC.

Hereby Sky Mobile LLC expresses its gratitude to the staff of A Plus IC CJSC for high-quality and professional rendering the following insurance services: Voluntary Health Insurance of employees, Vehicle Insurance, Freights Insurance, Compulsory Employer Liability Insurance for Injury or Disease to Employees arising out of their Employment. A Plus Insurance Company shows the high level of competence in the field of services rendered, and commitment to implementation of the undertaken obligations, organization in work, social skills and loyalty towards the client.


L.A. Miyusova, Finance Director.

Our cooperation with A Plus Insurance Company CJSC has been from May, 2013 till present. From the first days of our cooperation they provided us with professional approach to solution of operational issues. In the course of work we found out that service quality of the Company conforms to the international quality standards. We are satisfied with cooperation with A Plus Insurance Company CJSC as we appreciate, first of all, reliability, quality and professionalism. Experience of mutual cooperation allows us to presume upon timely payments at insured events, and guaranteed performance by the Insurer of the assumed liabilities in future. Moreover, we want to emphasize qualified, responsible and competent specialists of the Company that proved themselves as professionals showing sincere interest in protection of the clients’ interests. We intend to continue further cooperation with A Plus Insurance Company CJSC, and we recommend it to all who look for a reliable partner in the field of insurance


A. Volters, Director

We want hereby to confirm successful cooperation with the Rosstrakh-Kyrgyzstan Insurance Company CJSC, A PLUS IC CJSC since July, 2018. Cooperation of OSCE ACADEMY in Bishkek and A PLUS IC CJSC began since 2005 and continues till present. The Insurance Company carries out health insurance of our students coming to study to Kyrgyzstan, and our employees traveling far abroad. In the course of work the Company has proved itself as a reliable, professional partner capable not only to carry out tasks qualitatively and in terms, but also to carry out additional consulting services in the course of cooperation


U.A. Kachkynbekov, CEO .

Highland Exploration Company expresses deep and sincere gratitude to A Plus Insurance Company CJSC for high-quality and quick performance of work. It is worth pointing out professionalism of the staff of A Plus Insurance Company CJSC in the field of providing medical insurance coverage. We are satisfied with our cooperation with A Plus Insurance Company CJSC and are ready to recommend this company as a reliable and responsible partner. We express confidence in preservation of our developed friendship and hope for further mutually beneficial and effective cooperation.


E. Lushkova, Director

Since 2008 Lituanica LLC has been an accredited agency to submit documents for Schengen-visa at the Embassy of the Republic of Lithuania and at the Consulate General of the Republic of Poland. Due to our activity we have many agents and partners over 50 travel agencies and transportation firms that need Schengen-visas for employees and clients signed contracts with us. From the very beginning of our activity we signed the Agency Contract with A Plus Insurance Company CJSC for rendering health insurance services and never regretted about it. We have been partners within 10 years, and it is considerable term, considering that these years were trying. Partner obligations of A Plus Insurance Company CJSC have been carried out in strict accordance with the contract. All questions arising at us have received qualified answer and help. A Plus Insurance Company CJSC for years of our cooperation has proved itself as a reliable partner. I hope that we will cooperate further with A Plus Insurance Company CJSC, and we wish them further success in the professional sphere.


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