Vehicle Insurance

Comprehensive Insurance is protection of your car against risks of damage or theft, and a guarantor of financial stability and inward peace.

What is possible to be insured against

Road Accident Damage
Damage by anything thrown up from the road
stealing, theft, vandalism
natural disasters

Types of Insurance

«Not Guilty»

It is the excellent decision for experienced drivers. If you are masterful driver and you need protection against damage of your car at road accident through the fault of another participant. The Not Guilty Program is the best choice. You can save up to 70% of full Comprehensive Insurance cost (Program of 100% CONFIDENCE)

Your car is insured against:

  • Damage including total damage in the result of road accident through the fault of another participant


For a novice driver it is a reasonable way to steer clear from big financial losses in the result of accidents into which novice drivers stack up more often than experienced drivers. You can save up to 40% cost of full Comprehensive Insurance

Your car is insured against:

  • stealing and theft
  • damage due to a road accident through your fault or another’s participant


It is an ideal contribution to your peace and health. Almost all diseases are resulted from nerves, and stresses during driving on our roads are not unusual. A Plus Insurance Company takes on all your concerns and headache!

Your car is insured against:

  • Road Accident
  • Explosion
  • Fire
  • Action of Animals
  • Natural Disasters
  • Illegal Acts
  • Damage by anything thrown up or fallen

It is important to understand that the Comprehensive Insurance Programs cover damage caused only to the car!

Expenses connected with infliction of harm to life, health and property of passengers are not covered, including car contents (transported property or additionally installed equipment). Your Third Party Liability is not covered also. For this purpose other insurance programs are provided:

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Our advantages

Unlimited number of applications
Evacuation of the car from the place of the road accident
Possibility of the policy payment by installments
Repair on the vehicle service stations of official dealers or other vehicle service stations
Personal Approach
Claims Adjuster’s Service 24/7


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